Képek Angliából - Pictures from England
Hála a Photobucket új politikájának ami által ara szeretnének kényszeríteni, hogy vegyem igénybe a fizetős szolgáltatásukat, limitált lett, hogy a feltöltött képeimet egy hónapban hányszor lehet megnézni, és ezért úgy döntöttem, hogy csinálok egy "közös oldalt", ahol angolul és magyarul is leírom mi van a képeken. Így, remélheőleg, mindenki meg tudja majd nézni őket, anélkül, hogy egy másik képmegosztóra is fel kellene töltenem őket! :)

Thanks to the new money-grabbing policy of Photobucket, it became limted how many times my uploaded pictures can be watched one month. So I have decided to make a sort of a "shared page" here, where I write my comments down both in Hungarian and in English. I hope that way everyone will be able to check the pictures and I won't need to upload tem on another picture sharing site. :)

Ez a kilátás az ablakomból Corsham-ben. Később majd rakok még fel képeket a városról, de ma már túl sötét volt a fényképezéshez amikor ezt a képet csináltam. Itt nagyjából este 8 van. Az én szobám az első emeleten van, és a kis kert a sárga kavicsokkal és a sok kacattal még a házhoz tartozik, egészen a sövényekig a végén. Túl azon van egy nagy, füves park egy focipályával, ahol az emberek a kutyáikat sétáltatják, vagy piknikeznek hétközben és a helyi focicsapat edz vasárnap.
Egyike a vicces dolgoknak Angliában, hogy mennyire szeretik a hosszú dolgokat amikor építkezésre kerül a sor. A házaik hosszúkásak, de keskenyek, amiől nagyon zsúfolt hatást keltenek és a szobák elrendezése is szerencsétlen lesz. Ugyanez a helyzet a kertekkel is.
A néni ráadásul imádja az ilyen kütyüket mint amiket láthatsz itt, tele van a háza és a kertje mindenféle szobrocskákkal (giccsekkel).

So this is the sight from my window in Corsham. Later I will put up more pictures from the town and the house, but it was too dark today to make more photos by the time I made this picture. It is around 8pm here. My room is on the first floor, and the little garden with the yellow stone cover and all the clutters belongs to the house where I live, right up to the bushes in the end. Beyond that is a huge, green park with a soccer field, where people walk dogs or have a picnic during the weekdays, and the local soccer team trains in Sunday.
One of the odd things in England is their love of long and thin things when it comes to houses. The houses are long, but not very wide, which makes them feel overly packed, and the rooms feel unfortunately placed. The same goes about gardens.
To make it even more dazzling, the lady I live at, has this habit of collecting... things. I can't really call them anything else. She has hundreds of little statues (kitsch) of all kind around the house and the garden as you can see.

Day 7 - music meme
7, A song to drive to

Seeing how I don't have a car, and therefore I never drive, I don't know what to answer to this. None, I suppose? Why would I want to have my attention drawn from the driving?

Day 6 - music meme
Aaand Livejournal still doesn't work properly...

6. A song that makes you want to dance.

Erm... I don't dance, ever, but this song could almost make me want to. Almost. :)
Helena Paparizou - Mambo

Day 5 - music meme
I haven't posted anything for a while now, and I guess it's time to remedy that. ^^;

5, A song that needs to be played LOUD.

Hnn... This one is hard. How about... all of them? No? Oh, ok...
In this case -> Chi A.D. - Biocandy

I am pretty certain this isn't the kind of answer the person who made this meme had in her mind to this question. That would probably be more like some pop music you listen so loud in your car that the basses make the whole shell shake, but I am a psytrance/metal/OST freak, and this song I always do listen pretty loud. The louder this one gets, the harder it blowes the mind! :)

Not to mention that this is one of my favorite goa songs. : >

Edit: For some reason Livejournal's video embedding just doesn't want to work properly today, so, I attached a link too. Click on the title of the song!

Day 4 - music meme
4. A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about: Le Portrait de Petit Cosette - Main Theme

I don't know who wrote this one, but does it matter? I used to like this song. Now, not so much...

Day 3 - music meme
3. A song that reminds you of summertime: Brian Tyler - The Desert Journey

This may sound force, but the thing is, I don't like summer, not the least! I also don't associate songs with things I don't like. However, anyone who has ever tried to walk the streets of Budapest in July or August, during daylight, may very well understand why did I choose this song. But I admit, it was more deliberate then what I feel comfortable with. ^^;

Day 2 - music meme
2. A song you like with a number in the title -> Apocalityca: One

Again with that damned "like". Sigh. But this one was quite easy, as among all the songs I know with numbers in their titles, this is easily my favorite. Yay for Apocalyptica! :D

And just to add to the WTF factor, here is the song about the ten little mooses, as possibly the worst song ever written with with a number in it's title! ;)
German pop from the 90s!

Day 1 - music meme
1. A song you like with a color in the title. -> Sonata Arctica: Fly with the black swan

After thinking for a while, trying to figure out if I "know" about more then a single song with a color in it's name, I have happily decided that Blue by Eiffel 65 will do for this day. Then I have read the prompt again.
Oh. So I also must like it? Err... Eiffel is out of the question then. 
This was the point where I decided to actually take a look in my music folder, aaaand...

Why, here is one of my favorites from Sonata Arctica, with black in it's title. I have listened to this song at least a hundred thousand time, and it still remembered it only as "the swan song". Yeah, nice job knowing your own favorite music there, my dear...


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